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Heat Guns

Heat Gun is a versatile tool, from stripping paint to ageing wood, bending plastic to heat shrinking it is a real good addition to your DIY Kit. It saves your time & reduces effort in a range of DIY and decorating projects

So we are here to help you know what is that you need to look for in the right heat gun:

  • Temperature

The fact of having the right temperature suitable for your DIY project is vital, if temperature is too low then the gun will not work effectively and if it is too high it might end up burning or melting the material you are working with. Hence controlling the temperature will make your heat gun useful for wide range of tasks.

For DIY beginners it is recommended to use the basic heat gun that comes with minimum two temperature settings, However PROS can go for more advanced & sophisticated guns that allow them to set wide range of temperature

  • Nozzle

All heat guns come with a standard wide mouth nozzle for general use. Most models are also available with a number of additional interchangeable attachments useful for a range of specialist jobs.

These include:

  • Fishtail nozzles – for spreading the heat over a wider area.
  • Cone nozzles – for concentrated, precision heat.
  • Glass protectors – for shielding windows when you’re stripping frames..
  • Spoon reflectors – for soldering pipes

Whether PROS or Beginners safety is a must! You should protect your eyes by wearing safety goggles and protect feet with footwear such as boots. Never point a heat gun anywhere other than the area you’re working on, and always keep them away from pets and out of the reach of children.

It’s also important to let your heat gun cool down before putting it away.


Blowers save a lot of time on fall cleanup. They're great for small jobs too, like blowing debris off your driveway or out of your garage.

Corded electric models are inexpensive and work well, but the cord is a hassle and limits you to 100 ft. from the outlet. Still, if you have a small work space and don’t use a blower often, you can’t beat the low cost and zero maintenance of an electric unit.

Cordless models are by far the most convenient choice because you never have to deal with extension cords or gasoline. Some are powerful enough to move lots of leaves from a small yard, but the battery’s run-time may not be long enough for a large yard.

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