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Power Saws
Real DIY job starts with cutting materials like wood brick or sometimes even concrete for this choosing the right power saw becomes a significant task. Here is a brief about all kinds of saws and their usage.




CIRCULAR SAW Tool used for straight cutting of wood, especially sheet materials Interchangeable blades capable of handling any material Maximum cutting depth,

Capacity proportional to blade size

JIG SAW Tool used for cutting shapes in wood and other sheet materials

Useful for cutting MITRE joints

Interchangeable blades for various purposes.

Reciprocating saw blade for to & fro motion

Can cut angles up to 45 degrees
RECIPROCATING SAW Suitable for heavy-duty cutting work, often used in the construction and demolition jobs. Blade meant for push and pull reciprocating motion.

Large blade Meant for vertical surfaces

Unusual cutting
MITRE SAW Tool used to make accurate crosscuts, used in precision woodworking jobs Blades meant to cut fine angles Precise Angle cutting

Few key points to look for before choosing the saw:

  • Blades are the most important part of any saw, so it is a vital step to choose the right blade based on the material you are working on. The teeth of blade decides it’s cutting capability, more the number of teeth greater is it’s cutting depth.
  • Holding saw properly becomes critical for precise cutting, hence beginner’s are recommended to use saws with front and rear handles, this enables firm grip.
  • Power rating of saws help you find right saw for right job, Hence based on whether the job is simple or complicated choose low power rating or high power rating respectively.
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